Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Update

It's been a few days since our last post and I would like to apologize to our loyal fans for that. I realize you may have felt yourself sinking into a sort of depression/withdrawal, but everything is going to be ok. Just take a few deep breaths and let this tide you over until Thursday when we release our next bro-port.

First... we had an ultimate frisbee playoff game today. We won, no big deal. But more importantly, when told by an upperclassman to score a touchdown, I replied with "Broceeding, sir." It was chill.

Even more important and amazing than that, however, is what happened after the game. While making our way back to the hill we decided to have a little contest. We each grabbed a random golf ball off the ground and stood around 25 yds from the soccer goal. Ryan went first, successfully hitting the crossbar. While he was busy celebrating what he thought was a victory, I came up clutch and hit it too. It was super chill. We even did a bro fist bump to celebrate.

But anyways... now we are in the semifinals for ultimate and starting this week will be posting our genius more often. Stay tuned.

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