Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Return to the Roots: The Ten Brommandments

I'd like to welcome myself back to the internet, because alright, it's been a hot minute. I've been busy spending a week upholding the fine standards of bro-ism so painstakingly crafted here at 2bros1blog (also known as spring break).

In return, it's only fitting that I bust back into this bad jackson with the most well crafted masterpiece the blogosphere has ever seen? In the words of a great man, .. naw dat ain't me.

However, I do feel that there's been too much "here check this youtube video I didn't make" and "this isn't bro but it's cool I guess". I mean come on, this is 2bros1blog after all. We have to stand by certain foundational principles like Natty Light, Sperrys, and free internet porn. Atticus Finch would have it no other way. Alas, we have come to a revelation. We here at 2bros1blog feel like a mythical phoenix, burst into flames (read: sunburnt from spring break), only to rise from the ashes a new and improved machine.

In doing so, I give you the ultimate in Bro-Code. The epitome of Man Law. The quintessence of manhood. The foundation upon which our blog exists, and the creed of frat brothers and cubicle dwelling weekend warriors alike.

The Ten Brommandments

1. Broism be thy creed, and Charlie Sheen be thy lord.
2. Do not use the word bro in vain.
3. Remember the time with the bros, and keep it bro.
4. Honor thy bros.
5. Thou shalt not kill (another bro's beer).
6. Thou shalt throw for booze and munchies.
7. Thou shalt not cockblock.
8. Thou shalt never nark on a fellow bro.
9. Thou shalt never put hoes before bros.
10. Stay chill, bro.

So there you have it. Remember the basics and keep it trill. Peace bros.