Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World Series Champs

Well, the Giants have done it. They really have. World Series Champions, the best team in baseball, in the world. Pretty convincingly too, over in 5 games with a big final win in Arlington to cap it off last night. Despite the one-sided fanaticism we have going between Ben and I, I'd say it's still safe to say that 2bros1blog unofficially endorses the San Francisco Giants. It's not everyday your team wins it all.

Andrew Baggarly says it best in his season long (and now season ending) blog about the cast-offs and misfits, who just conquered Major League Baseball.

"The Giants did it tonight. They really did.

They were prohibitive underdogs to the Texas Rangers, but after winning four out of five in convincing fashion, you had to wonder where the analysts all went wrong. Because there was little doubt which was the better team.

Josh Hamilton was 2 for 20 with one RBI and one homer; Vladimir Guerrero was 1 for 14 with two RBI.

What do they say about good pitching vs. good hitting? Yep. Still rings true.

I’m not sure if tonight’s accomplishment has sunk in with the players, coaches, executives, scouts, front-office personnel and clubhouse people. I’m not sure it’s hit me, either, and they pay me to provide perspective on stuff like this."

You can check the rest of the post and blog at http://blogs.mercurynews.com/extrabaggs/

Well put my man, well put. A tip of the hat to Bruce Bochy, Tim Lincecum, and Edgar Renteria finally picking up that World Series MVP. Its been a long 13 years since his last World Series championship. In fact, last night was Renteria's second game winning, world-series clenching RBI.

2010 Champs

The beard has been feared.

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