Monday, November 15, 2010


Bros love extreme. Pushing the limit, combining needlessly dangerous things. If you can not only die, but die violently hurtling through the air, it's probably pretty damn extreme.

Back in 2007 Matchstick Productions put out a ski movie Seven Sunny Days, with a segment on Shane McConkey's (R.I.P, no surprise there) wingsuit-ski-base-jumping. He thought of the idea of skiing off a cliff, doing a few flips, throwing off his skis, flying in a wingsuit, and parachuting down all in the same extreme stunt. No less, he tragically passed away doing such things a year or two ago.

Needless to say it was pretty chill. Go ahead and watch the rest of that movie too, TJ Schiller and Colby West do the best follow cam business I have ever seen.

However, I think may have found a better alternative. Why jump off the mountain and ditch the skis, when you could just deploy the parachute and float from ski slope to ski slope. Oh right, hurtling at 150mph between cliffs. These guys are insane.

So chill.

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