Wednesday, April 20, 2011

420, Brah

Merry 420 across the land! Everyone's favorite celebration of Bob Marley's Birthday, the police code for marijuana, Amsterdam's pot smoking tea time, the number of chemicals in marijuana, weed for no real reason.

How does the 20th of April come into play at 2bros1blog? Because bros fucking love weed. It has all the bro bases covered. While most bros could put up a distinguished argument as to why it should be legalized, it's illegal, which makes them rebels, and slampieces love that shit. Bros most likely (definitely) know more about weed than you. They know where they got it, what the best strain is, the best ways to smoke it, and how it totally helps you focus when you're counting on that big study session (focus on angry birds, maybe). Bros will proudly let you know that a big (no, the biggest. more on that later) bowl of sticky icky fits perfectly between natty lights and their little brother's Adderall.

CUBoulder holds a 10,000 person event on 420, with last year's pictured below. Apparently, the University's chancellor sent all students an email saying participation in the event will debase their degree and university. They didn't care, and that's chill.

So how do you, the average everyday bro-in-training celebrate 420 in true bro form? Well first, don't smoke weed to make activities more enjoyable or make music sound better or any of that hippy bullshit. Bros smoke weed for one reason: to get fucked up.

Here is where the biggest bowl comes into play. Just like the 3 Four Lokos, full 30-rack of Natty, and 3/4s of a 5th of Bacardi the bro pounded in one night, weed is an opportunity for accomplishment. The more weed you can smoke and still be coherent, the better. Especially when it's the stankiest dankiest green goblin this side of the Mississippi.

Now that you've indulged on a whole damn fiesta bowl of mary jane, what's next? Only bros' favorite stoner flicks! Half baked, Harold & Kumar, and Pineapple Express. Anything easy to quote, filled with wacky antics, and just stupid enough to be funny. Eat some pizza rolls, and fall asleep by 9:30, in true style.

So happy birthday Hitler (that one's for real), and in between half pound joints and homemade gravity bongs, remember why bros love weed: because it's fucking chill, bro.

In it's simplest terms, 4/20 is actually

*puts on sunglasses*



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