Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Louis C.K

This has been a pretty popular video for a long time, I probably saw it for the first time a year ago, but now that I've seen a follow-up it reignited my interest in it.

Louis C.K is a comedian (and has a mediocre TV show called Louie or something, it was meh), and was on Conan O'Brien some time ago doing an interview. A short while in he brought up a small piece of his bit and I feel that it had a deeper meaning then when I first saw it, and now as times have changed for everyone.

Over 2 million people agreed with me and have seen it, (insert stupid Youtube comment about how 72 people need their back hair waxed). I bring this up again, however, because of the TIME magazine interview I stumbled upon (no, not on

A much more down to earth Louis, though not quite as much as his television show, which let me reiterate is not good.

Call me a YouTube-whore or whatever, but Louis C.K is a bro and deserves his spot

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